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About us



Yiwu Liandong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the East China Sea in Yiwu, China, which is known as the "Small Commodity Capital of the World".

The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in book printing equipment and post-press binding equipment integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. Improving product quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and producing first-class printing and post-press binding equipment is the goal of the enterprise. The company continues to introduce high-end printing and post-press binding equipment that fully embodies automation, humanization, high efficiency and environmental protection to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad......




Since the reform and opening up, investment, exports, and consumption have been the troika driving the upward development of China's economy. In view of the lingering global economic crisis and the...
The level of production and consumption of household paper is an important indicator to measure the level of modernization and civilization of a country. In recent years, China's household paper in...
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