After-sale service

First, the commitment to service

1 our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team has experienced field engineers and senior technicians, of any problems can be rushed to the scene in the fastest time, repair and replacement.

2 product delivery within a week, my company's after-sales service department staff will be based on contact with the customer, the telephone follow-up consultation, until the customer satisfaction.

3 all complaints about product quality, within 1 hours of the reply, arrived at the scene within 24 hours, and according to the situation of the complaint to determine the treatment measures, maintenance and replacement.

4 our company undertakes all maintenance personnel on call, better for the customers.

5 within the warranty period on the quality of products caused by the cost, by my company.

6 within the warranty period due to your improper use, or the natural environment caused by our free to provide maintenance, repair materials and accessories used are only close to the cost price.

7 beyond the warranty period of the product, our company is committed to the life of regular on-site inspection and maintenance.

Two, mode of transport

1 free shipping to customers, free installation, commissioning and installation and maintenance. Maintenance staff to inform customers how to carry out the product maintenance of common sense, until the other satisfaction.

2 all the installation of the goods after the commissioning is completed, from the customer view, acceptance before leaving the scene.


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