Product Detail

Product Detail


LD-GNB760 Semi- Automatic Cold Glue Taped Notebook Binding Machine

LD-GNB760 Semi- Automatic Cold Glue Taped Notebook Binding Machine
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Function And Features:

This machine utilizes advanced technology such as microcomputer controls, photoelectric tracking, touch screen operation and environmental protection cold glue binding etc. It suit for the customer who already have printing machine. After printing, this equipment can produce student exercise books, soft cover office notebooks, high-grade plastic cover notebooks, letter paper, legal pads and other notebook products. It is fully automatic machine, every 10 hours can produce more than 60 thousand notebooks, only needing a team of 2 persons.It is the best equipment for mass production of cold glue taped notebooks.

技术参数 Main Technical Parameters:

装订横向幅宽Sheet Length                   300-1200mm

装订纵向幅宽Sheet Width                    130-300mm

最大装订速度30联本/分钟Max. Glue Binding Speed      30 Booklet/min

纸张适应克重Sheet Weight                   45-120g

封面适应克重Cover Weight                      80-500g

成品裁切最大规格Finished Notebook Max.Size   210x297mm

成品裁切最小规格Finished Notebook Min.Size   125×145mm

装订纸张厚度Book Binding Thickness          12-160 Sheet

适应背条宽度 Back Tape Thickness             20-40mm

总功率Total Power                         20kw

外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall Dimensions(LXWXH )           13000 x 5500 x 1500 mm

机器重量Machine Weight                       10T


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