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Product Detail


ZJKZ-450 Automatic Gluing-bonding Machine

ZJKZ-450 Automatic Gluing-bonding Machine
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  This machine is suitable for back-gluing inner sheets of hardcovers. It is easy to operate, less to invest, high efficient, bonding tightly and drying soon after gluing the books. What' more, the power of heat pipe could be variable according to the gluing range. Therefore, the electricity is saved and the efficiency is highly increased. So this is the necessary device for processing hardcovers.

最大上胶幅面Max gluing range:       300x450mm

最小上胶幅面Min gluing range:       75x200mm

上本频率Book-processing frequency:    7次/分

主电机功率Total power:               400w

加热管总功率Total power of heat pipe: 10kw

本机重量Machine weight:       400kg

外形尺寸Overall size:               4000x1050x1350mm

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