Product Detail

Product Detail


LD-GNB760 Cold Glue Taped Machine with Cover Feeder

LD-GNB760 Cold Glue Taped Machine with Cover Feeder
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This machine adopts microcomputer control, photoelectric tracking, gas-liquid linkage, man-machine interface touch screen operation and environmentally friendly and scientific cold glue packaging technology. This machine is suitable for customers who have printing presses to manually put the printed inner core into → automatic cover and back cover → brushing adhesive → back drying → wrapping paper back strip → receiving book and other processes. It can produce student workbooks, office soft copybooks, plastic cover books, memo pads, letter paper, receipts and account books, etc. It only needs 2 people to operate, and the output is more than 5,000 copies per hour.

产品型号Product Model                                       LD-GNB760A

装订横向幅宽Sheet Length                                    300-780mm

装订纵向幅宽Sheet Width                                     130-300mm

最大装订速度Max. Binding Speed                              35联本/分钟(Ups/Min)

纸张适应克重Sheet Weight                                    45-120g

封面适应克重Cover Weight                            100-300g

装订纸张厚度Max. Binding Thickness                    12-160张( Sheet)

适应背条宽度Back Tape Thickness                             20-40mm

烘干适应温度Dry Temperature                                 0-150   C   

主电机功率Main Motor Power                                  7.50KW

总功率Total Power                                    15KW

外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall Dimensions (L X W X H )    13000 x2250 x1500mm

机器重量Machine Weight                                       5T

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